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One of the ways the 505 gets out in service is through Cityteam Ministries in Chester, PA.

Cityteam serves those in desperate need throughout the Delaware Valley with hot meals, a safe shelter, decent clothing and a drug/alcohol recovery program. In addition, Cityteam connects with low-income families that are in need of an emergency food box to help stretch their income at the end of the month and mothers with at-risk young children in need of diapers, formula, and other baby items.

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At Broad Street Ministry’s Hospitality Collaborative, the doors are always open and a place is always set at the table for over 5,000 guests yearly. But here, a meal is more than a meal – it is a re-introduction to human connection and the services our guests need to thrive. Breaking Bread meals are open to anyone who wishes to dine with us. We are especially focused on creating an inviting and safe atmosphere for men and women who are homeless, at risk of being homeless, or of low-income.


The primary mission of the Ray of Hope Project is the rehabilitation of existing homes. Through the help of donations, volunteers and a capable staff of qualified contractors, we are able to provide services such as roof repair, siding repair and handicapped accessibility features, to mention only a few. We provide neighborhoods with lessons in community organization and healing, the use of innovation to solve long-standing problems, commitments to one’s neighbors, and hope for tomorrow. We do not simply rehabilitate homes we are working to revitalize communities.


While on a mission trip to Romania in the summer of 2013, Jen Baker visited a shelter for women who had been rescued from human trafficking throughout Europe. She had the honor of sharing a meal and an afternoon of laughter & friendship with these courageous survivors and the dedicated people who care for them at the rescue shelter. In an effort to participate in their work, The Scarf Farm donates 100% of its profits to the Open Door Foundation which runs the shelter. Open Door’s mission is: “to offer assistance and protected shelter in emergency and crisis situations to victims of human trafficking, and to share God`s love and care with them.” You can learn more about their work here Thank you for your support.

Each scarf costs 20 dollars and are handmade by Jen Baker. If you click the link below, you can view all of the scarves currently avaliable in a variety of lovely colors on her Etsy shop.

Jen sent a donation for $442.18 to the Open Door Foundation for February’s profits! That’s awesome! :)

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