On a 505 Team

Serve on a 505 Team

Welcome Team
If making people feel welcome is your passion, this a great way to get involved! Volunteer to greet people at the door, hand out bulletins, help get people seated and just be a friendly presence at the 505.

Contact: Lydia Bray – lbray@eastern.edu

Hospitality Team
We all love to eat good food. If you’re one of those awesome people who loves to prepare and share good food, then this is the team for you!

Contact: Chelsea Jacobs – chelseaj1221@gmail.com

Prayer Team
Everything we do at the 505 is for the aim that people would experience God. So we have folks who have committed to praying for everything we do. They pray before each 505, for all the details of the night. And members of the prayer team are available during each 505- to pray with and for any person who wants it.

Contact: Becca Bruner – becca.bruner@paolipres.org

Worship Team
Every Sunday night, a team of gifted vocalists and musicians lead the 505 in worship. If you are interested in serving in our worship band, we would love to meet you and schedule an audition.

Contact: Bryan Jones – bryan.jones@paolipres.org

A/V Tech Team
If you love messing with computers and sound boards, have fun with graphic design and are generally talented with tech, we’d love your help on the tech team!

Contact: Wes Thomas – outwes@yahoo.com